About Us

About Kool Winds Entertainment Group, LLC ™:

Katy Benningfield
Katy is co-owner and partner of Kool Winds Entertainment Group, LLC and CFO of Kool Winds Radio. Since age 14 she has been associated with media. Katy has appeared as a voice-over artist on North Carolina radio stations. Former owner of WKKM Digital Broadcasting, she was host of a nightly music show, DANCE PARTY™. Katy’s first appearance on television was at age 4 on WCTI’s Romper Room. Katy has appeared on major television networks nationwide. In addition to her broadcasting, her experiences including print media as a nationally syndicated writer. She has written newspaper columns, for magazines, blogs, and websites. She also worked as a technical writer.

Pat Gwinn
Pat is co-owner and partner of Kool Winds Entertainment Group and general manager of Kool Winds Radio. A weekly syndicated radio host of Pat Gwinn At The Beach ™, Gwinn is heard in over a dozen states and around the world. From a small town beginning to being heard in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, the UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and more, Pat recently celebrated his 40th year in broadcasting. Pat has co-hosted with Billy Scott on television, appeared with TJ Lubinsky on Public Television, and voices many stations around the country.